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Sightseeing spots

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■Asahi Onsen 旭温泉
The hot spring, "Asahi onsen" is located in the mountain valley of southern Embetsu.You can enjoy two varieties of spring water and outdoor baths surrounded by nature. Please, by all means, drop in when you come!

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■Kanaura gensei kaen 金浦原生花園
Kanaura gensei kaen is a wildflower garden which located 6km south from Embetsu.
From spring to summer, various wild grasses and birds can be seen. The Daylily colony (in late June) is magnificent.

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■Fujimigaoka kouen 富士見ヶ丘公園
Fujimigaoka kouen (park) is a forest parkon the east of "Fujimi Roadside Station."
The park has cabins, campsites, barbecue houses and a park golf site.

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KasenKouen & Beach 河川公園、みなくるビーチ
Embetsu kasen-kouen (river park) is located at the Embetsu river estuary. Minakuru (meaning "everyone is coming") beach is next to kasen kouen. Good place for viewing the beautiful sunset which falls into the Sea of Japan.

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■Reitaisai 遠別神社例大祭
Reitaisai is Embetsu's shrine festival in July. The highlight of this festival is a parade. The parade is led by "Tengu"(revered spirits or gods) around Embetsu with "Mikoshi"(portable shrines). Shinto rituals are held in each part of town.
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■Sansai Matsuri 山菜まつり
Sansai matsuri (mountain vegetables festival) is held in spring. At this festival manykinds of mountain vegetable dishes are served In addition, Mochimaki (an event of scattering rice cakes) and Japanse traditional folk singers perform.
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■Fuyu matsuri 冬まつり
Fuyu matsuri (winter festival) is held in snowy February.
Statues, labyrinths and slides made of snow, food stalls and entertainment are performed.
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Special products

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■Sea food 海鮮料理
Adjacent to the Sea of Japan, Embetsu is prosperous. Tako (octopus) Tigai (scallops) Hirame (flatfish) are caught here. In Hirame season (usually May to July) many restaurants serve Hirame dishes.

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■Mochigome もち米
Embetsu produces high quality Mochigome (glutinous rice). It is used for rice cakes and sweets, and you can buy sweets at stores or farmer's markets in Embetsu. Moreover, glutinous rice is used for the local brand of sake, Kitafubuki(north snowstorm).

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