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To Embetsu

■Starting point Sapporo
Going to Embetsu from Sapporo is convenient. The airport nearest to Sapporo is New Chitose Airport. One can fly by connection from main international airports (Narita, Tokyo, Kansai) in Japan. 

New Chitose Airport is about a 90 minute flight from Narita and Tokyo International airport, and about a 120 minute flight from Kansai International Airport. From New Chitose to Sapporo, it is about 35 minutes by airport rapid-transit train.
■By Bus
The bus to Embetsu departs from Sapporo station bus terminal, at Sapporo station,
first floor of ESTA department building. 
The 特急はぼろ号(Haboro express) which goes to Embetsu departs from lane 11.
Reservation is required, but if there is vacancy, you can buy a ticket on the day.
(Ticket booth is the in terminal.)
Cost is 800. (As of May 21, 2012)
It will takes 4 and half hours to go to Embetsu.
Link on the bus company web
■By Car
If you drive to Embetsu from Sapporo,
check the map below.
It takes about 4 and half hour
from Sapporo to Embetsu by car.

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■Map of Embetsu

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Embetsu Illuasted Map (Japanese)

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